The girls talk initiative (GTI) executive coordinator George Medi and his team  have distributed  school uniforms to needy female pupils  at Mandimu Primary School in Mpemba, Blantyre rural.

Medi and his team were all shocked to notice how  pupils especially girls suffer a lot of setbacks at Mandimu in March this year.

The deplorable state of school, high rate of school dropouts, no enough learning materials, no desks and pupils staying on stones in classes forced GTI to help where several  donors joined the initiative.

Over the weekend, the team again visited the school  to distribute 20 school uniforms to venerable female pupils.

The beneficiaries appeared to be very happy and promised to work hard  as  they were not  attending classes regularly because teachers sometimes used to chase them for not wearing school uniform.

” Am very happy for this uniform, it  will definitely makes me  look smart as others now, I used to be a stranger each day, sometimes being chased as way as an outsider for not wearing uniform,” one of the beneficiaries quoted in documentary firmed during the distribution.

Parents and teachers also thanked GTI for helping needy female pupils at school  which will curb the school dropouts.

Watch the following documentary of Mandimu Primary School in Mpemba, Blantyre rural see the distribution of uniform under GTI:

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