Following some people`s claims that the National ID Registration Exercise is a mark of the beast (666) written in holy bible on Revelations chapter 13 verses 16 – 7, T/A khosolo in Mzimba district has advised his people not to swallow the claims saying they are false and misleading.

the feared move of 666

The chief said this on Sunday during a meeting organized by Action Aid which its aim was to sensitize parents, teachers and students the importance of taking part to end violence in schools and their homes.

Khosolo said the rumours which are being spread by some people are false and therefore Malawian citizens should take part in registering once the exercise hits their district.

“This is false and misleading. And I want to urge you that you should register when this exercise comes in our district during the fifth phase because only those that will register will be issued with the identity cards,” Khosolo said.

some are still registering

Concurring with the chief, National Registration Bureau (NRB) spokesperson, Norman Fulatira said the mark of the beast news is different from National ID Registration Exercise in a way that upon that time, people shall be marked on the forehead and the arm which is contrary to their exercise.

“All our neighbours have implemented their National ID system. Why is the issue of 666 only in Malawi? Luke chapter 2 verse 1 on wards talks of Joseph and Mary going for registration in their homeland. Was that 666 as well?” he said.

Revelations Chapter 13 verses 16 – 7, talks of the future time when people shall not be permitted to purchase or trade their products without the mark of the beast (666) on the hand and the forehead.


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