There was drama at Modern Garden on Saturday night in Balaka when a mentally challenged man jumped from the crowd and grabbed bass guitar as veteran musician Lucius Banda was performing.

This happened as Lucius was performing a song titled ‘Ndiwe mbale wanga’. The mentally challenged man identified as Ephram Mkwepu then joined Banda in performing after grabbing the bass guitar.

What surprised Lucius was that Mkwepu played exactly the right chords despite being mentally challenged.

“Balaka show always has a surprise… as I was singing Ndiwe mbale wanga, this guy just came and took the Bass guitar from Charles and started playing exactly the right chords.

“To most people in balaka they know Mkwepu as a mentally ill man who just roam around the streets of balaka,” wrote Banda on his official facebook page.

He added: “I know him as a former Bassist for The Malawi army Bravos band of the late jocious kanjaukes in the nineties he played very well and after wards he started the song substitute by Gregory it was massive he made some good money on stage.”

Menawhile many Malawians have commended Lucius for being so accommodative.

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