Everyone that’s been in a relationship, especially one that hurt you would really love it if they can make that ex of theirs look back at them and be jealous that they ever left.

Admit it, there’s always this ‘feel good’ feeling when your ex starts admiring and wants you back; that can do a lot of good to your ego.

If you really want to make your ex look back and regret, I’ve got six ways you can do that.


Confidence is everything; it’s one of the most attractive features you could ever have. Confidence would make you glow; it would make you very attractive while a low self-esteem would make you look unattractive. Be confident and your ex would want you more than ever.


Social media is a big medium you can use to taunt your ex. Research has proven that most people use social media to check the activities of their ex. So make that count; put up cute pictures of you, put up only pictures that would portray that you’re doing okay, pictures that would reveal that you’ve moved on and even a better person than when you were with him or her. Do this and your ex would want you every day.


I don’t mean pretending to move on; what I mean is you really moving on. One thing about life is that everyone wants to be important; it’s a natural human instinct. The moment your ex notices that you’ve moved on and you no longer hold him or her in high esteem then you would create a buzz in the heart of that ex without even knowing.


Like the popular saying “success is a father to many and failure is an orphan”. This saying is true in every bit of the word. Work hard at what you do; your job, career, anything; once you become successful, you would surely hit a nerve in your ex. Always see a break up as a motivation to move on to better and greater things.


Happiness is a charmer, being happy would make people happy to be with you. When you are happy, you look more attractive, it goes beyond ordinary beauty that the eyes can see, it’s the kind of beauty even the blind can see, that kind of beauty the soul feels. If you can just be happy for yourself, that would trigger your ex and even others to desire you.


Tip 1 to 5 would be rendered useless if you can’t apply this to your life. Look good, look attractive, take good care of yourself and you would make that ex jealous. Don’t fall into misery because your ex left; be strong, if not for anybody then for yourself.

Many people would tell you to sleep with another guy or lady, kiss someone in front of your ex, and pass around your ex so he or she would notice you. If you ask me, I’d say those are childish measures.

Just be yourself and do things to improve yourself and your ex would really get so jealous and wish he/she never left.

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