Vincent Wandale and his People’s Land Organisation (PLO) has set October 26 2017 as a date for the swearing in ceremony of what he calls United State of Mulanje and Thyolo (Must) president, deputy and a 45-member ‘Cabinet’ to be held at Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must).

The supreme leader of PLO has also disclosed at a meeting in Thyolo today that every citizen of Must will undergo military training.

Speaking in an interview with the press, Wandale said his action was not a provocation as the said jurisdictions are within Malawi and his government was ready to protect itself.

“This is our country, it is a sovereign state and any intervention will be taken as interference and we will defend ourselves. We have discussed this issue in several avenues with the Malawi government and they are aware we declared ourselves a sovereign state in 2015. We could have done this long time ago but politics has been coming our way, but this time around we will not relent to any pressure.”

About 100 people attended the meeting at Khonjeni Turn-off.

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