Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s birthday gift of a K300 million top of the range Maserati Levante to his daughter has attracted debate on the social media with many people questioning the authenticity of the gift.

The gift comes barely weeks after Bushiri bought over ten vehicles which he donated to some of his workers.

Posting on his official facebook on Wednesday, Bushiri said that people should not just look at the money; rather, they should learn the importance of being there for family and, also, the need for responsible parenthood.

“I celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and also the birth of our first daughter, Israella Bushiri.

“It seems like just yesterday when her little palms held my forefinger. It seems like only a while ago when I celebrated that finally I could lift her up and allow her to rest on my shoulders. It’s been a joy and heavens honor to watch her grow from being a baby to being the strong and brave child that she is today. I count myself blessed because not only did she give me a reason to smile but she gave me the opportunity to be called a Dad,” wrote Bushiri.

The gift has attracted debate on the social media with others criticizing him.

Sekgabi Masobe wrote: “Really a child get a Masarati Car for a present. Milk them boy akere they pay R25000 to receive your blessings and wena you buy your child an expensive car with their hard earned money and that time they don’t even own a bicycle.”

Concurring with Masobe’s remarks, Jude Obiora Akonam wrote: “Something must be wrong somewhere. It is either some people are hypnotised, diabolically manipulated or they are ignorantly stupid or all of the above.
No wonder the Bible said, “my people suffer for lack of knowledge”!

“How can people celebrate this absurdity? From which part of the Bible have they seen this stupidity practised or which servant of God in the Bible has this insensitivity recorded on his name. Whose money is the pastor using to celebrate god’s blessing? Is it not gullible people’s tithe?
Looking at our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Apostles and Disciples, which of them is this fraudulent pastor modelling his life on?

“This is the more reason why Tithing should critically be scrutinised and discouraged so that people should stop building the kingdom of Satan in ‘jesus name’!”

On the other hand, some people have applauded Bushiri for his gesture.

Daniel Sywell Zimba wrote: “Jesus didn’t rise in secret , if you are blessed in his name make him famous, remove the mentality that to prosper is demonic, God is real owner of silver & gold, if you say he coud have given to the poor, he does .Its only you who can’t give log off fb give your phone to the poor. Make jesus famous, big up Major.”

Another person identified as Steve Mark wrote: “People of God, my fellow brothers and sisters, please be worried about your own salvation than materialism of Shepherd Bushiri because the Holy Bible says in Luke12:15 that Watch out ! Be on your guard against greed, etc because life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. So now you would understand why Jesus Christ told the multitude gathering around him that it is easy for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter in the Kingdom of God. Why ? ….Riches and worth obscures most people from true essence of the gospel of Christ.”

Meanwhile debate on the matter continues.

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