For the first time in history of this country, a Rastafarian has showed interest to join the race to presidency for the impending 2019 tripartite elections.

Ras Chikomeni to stand for presidency

Ras Chikomeni Chirwa says he will contest as an independent candidate against other weighty political figures like Dr Chakwera and Peter Muntharika among others.

According to Chikomeni, his interest to run for presidency was fueled by lack of equal rights and justice in the country for people of his Rastafarian faith.

He has therefore called upon all well-wishers to help him pay for his nominations fees at MEC to enable him to contest in the forthcoming elections next year.

A lot more young people like Chikomeni have already showed interest to contest for the coming elections in different positions.

The 2019 elections will also see names like Fischer Kondowe, Peter Mponda, Annie Matumbi and other young people contesting as MP’s.

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