The president of Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM), Overstone Kondowe has accused the Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima who is also the leader for United Transformation Movement (UTM) for using persons with albinism to win political favours.

This follows Chilima’s speech at the launch of UTM in central region at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe on Saturday where he condemned people who kill persons with albinism describing them as evil and stupid.

Dr Saulos Chilima at Masintha Ground on Saturday

In reaction to the speech, Kondowe noted that it is encouraging to have politicians like Chilima condemning albino attacks but however, they should refrain from using the challenge to gain favours from voters.

Writing on his Facebook page, Kondowe revealed the Vice President has never attended any function organised by APAM and yet he had the courage to express remorse over the albino killings on a political podium.

“The VP has never attended any of our meetings such as International Albinism Awareness Day Commemorations despite being invited several times. We have seen him fundraising for churches, volleyball etc, he can’t be better than the First lady who organised a dinner to raise funds for APAM,” wrote Kondowe.

APAM president; Overstone Kondowe

However, a few people responded to Kondowe’s post by defending the vice president.

Happy Zilanyondo Ng’oma wrote, “Helping doesn’t go with attending your invitation but rather the pressure he puts.”

Also, Habiba Osman wrote, “A sound argument, but at the same time let us also remember that in terms of reference, this was falling within the jurisdiction of head of state. It would have been breaking protocol if he was to be seen leading when clearly, this required again the high level committee which reports to the head of state to carry out functions that were not for the VP’s office.”

The user continued saying, “You and I know that if he was to be doing that it would have been perceived as going against the structure that was set up to carry out that mandate. We need to be realistic, that Minister of Lands cannot be doing the functions of Minister of Health, just as an example.”

Meanwhile, the UTM has scheduled 29th July for the launch of the movement in the southern region and August 4, in Mzuzu in Northen region.


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