By Orchestra Kamanga

Despite that buying Malawian product campaign promotes country’s social economy development most of the companies in the country produces substandard of goods which forces customers to buy other countries like UK, South Africa or Dubai.

Jeremiah Kanzota Founder and Managing Director of Jeremiah stationery in Blantyre said buying Malawian products and goods can make more jobs for Malawians but the challenge is that most companies produces low quality products like unlike other countries.

“There is a reason that makes most Malawians shun buying local products the reason is that of poor quality and packaging also is below standards,” he said.

Kanzota also said Malawians bakery start well and produces quality goods but after high demand from customers they change the production without knowing that they are spoiling the market.

“We cannot blame government on the initiative because most companies do things deliberately and government does not own any companies,” he said.

Founder and Managing Director for general Vision screen printers Comrade Dr Feston Kamphaya said Malawians should emulate a good example set by the president Professor Peter Mutharika for buying Malawian sofa at Ndirande Township.

“President Mutharika bought sofa at Ndirande as one way of promoting our goods,” he said.

However Social commentator Maxwell Mapemba said politicians can buy things or goods within the country to gain more support from voters.

“I also encourage companies to produce high quality products to attract more customers,” he said.

President Arthur Peter Mutharika launched the initiative some years ago to promote local products..

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