By Robert Kumwenda

The increase of fuel price and frequents electric blackouts is affecting operation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the country.

One of the SME’s who is the owner of Donz Engineering Donex Zimbulani the increase of fuel has resulted also in the increase of the price of the materials the use.

“This time of the year is the time we make more money but this is not the case because business is slow because of we have also increased the charges,” he said.

Zimbulani said he has not audited to find out if he has make profit because if everything is fine is supposed to make a profit of not more than sixty percent.

“Life is difficult because one quarter of the population uses gen-sets because of power cuts the way things have been l am very doubtful even if I can make a pro fit of thirty percent on top that we are also supposed to pay tax to Malawi Revenue Authority,” he said.

He said government is not to blame but as a country we just need to find ways on how we can deal with these problems.

The consumer is the one who suffers at the end of the end because there is nothing that we can but increase the charges so that we too should make profit.

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