As re-examination of UTM witness, Miriam Gwalidi, is now drawing to an end as she explains what her role was on and during the May 21 tripartite elections she is exposing how election results sheet were tampered.

Gwalidi has told the court that she found a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) monitor altering a polling results sheet at Ndirande Matope polling centre.

She further continued by demonstrating to the court how wrong calculations contributed to the said mess in the May 21 tripartite elections.

Gwalidi continues to make serious allegations in court on how election results were being manipulated at Ndirande.

It’s coming out in court that in some cases, some electoral documents had alterations on vote figures while wording remained original vote counts.

Earlier the court disagreed with Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale on an argument that Gwalidi was providing the court with opinions other than facts of what should be used during the elections case.

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