An influential British broadsheet newspaper says Prince Harry has been urged not to meet Malawi President Peter Mutharika who is accused of violence and vote rigging.

The telegraph newspaper in its online September 28 edition says Prince Harry will insult Malawians if he fails to meet with civil society figures after shaking hands with Mutharika.

The Duke of Sussex arrived in Malawi on Sunday and is expected to meet Mutharika and pay tribute to guards man Mathew Talbot, a British soldier who was killed by an elephant while taking part in counter poaching operation in May.

MacDonald Sembereka, one of the organizers of the anti –Jane Ansah protests says prince Harry’s coming to Malawi might bring to the attention of the world what is happening in Malawi.

“It is an obligation for the Duke to visit countries. What is currently happening in Malawi needs the attention of the international community, and his presence might bring that,” Sembereka told the newspaper.

Mutharika is currently facing a wave of anti-government protests following the highly disputed May 21 election that the opposition say he rigged and is accused of turning a blind eye to the violence against human rights activists by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets.

“But if he is just coming to greet the president without seeing the aggrieved parties, that is tantamount to an insult,” said Sembereka.

Britain spends about UK pound sterling 75million a year on aid projects in Malawi but pulled out of direct budgetary support due to corruption among others.





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