Lilongwe District Commissioner Lawford Palani has dismissed the myth and claims that Kachasu (Local liquor) is a cure to the deadly coronavirus which causes Covid-19.

According to Palani, since the disease is new such stories and myths are likely to surface, considering that the virus has caused fear and panic around the global.

“We know that this is a new disease and a lot of myths and beliefs have surrounded it,” Palani said.

With an aim of feeding the populace with right information about the deadly pandemic, Palani has said they have engaged relevant authorities to go into the communities to give right information regarding the disease.

Following the spreading of Coronavirus around the global there have been myths and belief other being black people are immune to the virus and that they cannot die from the disease.

Contrary to this the records have confirmed deaths of black people who were hit by covid-19.

Coronavirus is real, follow all the preventive measures.

Stay safe.

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