New Digital Hand Sanitiser Attaches To Phone And Cleans Surfaces In Just 10 Seconds


The UVLEN is made by a South Korean biotechnology company of the same name, which plans to launch the gadget globally on 25 June.

Using ultraviolet light technology, you can sanitise your hands in just 10 seconds; you simply pop the portable sanitiser onto your smartphone torch, then open up the app and turn the device’s light on, in turn activating the UVLEN to clean ‘any surface’ from bacteria.

According to the website, the product is the ‘tiniest sanitiser to be compatible with all mobile smartphone devices at a lower cost’, retailing at $24.99 (£19).

Credit: UVLEN
Credit: UVLEN

The website continues: “By simply pointing it at your hands, utilizing your smartphone flashlight combined with our Mobile App, sanitising results can occur in less than 10 seconds.

“With our patented technology Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation coat + Diffraction Grating splitting white beams combined with a dichroic mirror filter built with Fused Silica Amorphous; let certain colors of light through while reflecting others.

This lets far-UVC light straight through but reflecting green and higher wavelengths, producing high-efficiency 222 nm* far-UVC wavelength at a safe ratio which causes no harm to the soft skin but eliminates 99% of surface bacteria when UVLEN is at its maximum performance.”

The portable and lightweight product is compatible with all smartphones, and the accompanying app is free to download.

Through the app, you can select what exactly you want to sanitise, whether it’s your hands, a face mask, keyboard, mouse or another daily accessory.

The company claims it doesn’t smell, too, which is a bonus – AND it can be used on pets.

A company spokesperson said: “UVLEN is safe to use but should always be used alongside the mobile app.

“The app arranges and manages the correct amount of wavelengths that need to be sent without causing harm.”

The website also explains that the UVLEN product is safe to use, having been certified and clinically tested.

It says: “UVLEN’s Mobile App handles most of UVLEN Performance-Algorithm by delivering the necessary amount of far-UVC wavelength without damaging skin cells, subsequently killing Bacteria & Viruses!”

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