There was drama at Kamuzu International Airport as the last chunk of ballot papers for Lilongwe remaind at the site as drivers demanded allowances before leaving the premises.

This comes as ballot papers for other districts left the cargo site.

Meanwhile, one of the drivers who opted for annonymity said they agreed not to leave the airport until the Malawi Electoral Commission gives them their upkeep allowance.

The source added that MEC promised to give them allowances by 8:30 Saturday morning but the promise was not fulfilled.

When MEC Chairperson Dr Chifundo Kachale was contacted, he said the Commission was to hold a press briefing on the following day, and directed the reporters to director of communications Sangwani Mwafulirwa who did not pick up his phone.

Team leader for Tonse Aliance Howard Kachipanda confirmed to MIJ FM that 23 trucks were grounded at airport saying MEC officials said they had run out of money.

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