By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the Directors for Health and Beauty Limited Company, Macbul Latif has attributed the low production in most companies as due to the corona Virus pandemic.

Speaking in an interview, Latif said H & B Company imports their raw material like chemicals from outside countries such as South Africa, India, China and because of the lockdown due to Covid-19 the whole production process has been affected.

“The pandemic has heavily affected our production because many countries globally are on lockdown and it is difficult to import raw materials hence low production,” he said.

However Latif who is also Executive member for the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 is optimistic that shortly countries will unlock the boarders and business will be normal as it was before the pandemic.

“I assure the customers that soon as the countries starts opening up boarders business will normalize as it was before,” said Latif.

He said as Executive Member of the Presidential Taskforce who is representing Asian Business Community, he is working tirelessly to fight the further spread of the pandemic in the country.


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