Analysts has described the cabinet released by state president Lazarus Chakwera as a huge disappointment considering that he set a high bar on his administration in his inauguration speech.

The Malawi leader on Wednesday named a 31 member cabinet which consist of 23 full minsters, 8 deputy ministers in which 16 of them are Members of Parliament while the other members have been picked from various sectors.

In the cabinet, Chakwera has appointed vice presidents and Secretary generals for United Transformation Movement and Malawi Congress Party (MCP); Michael Usi, Patricia Kaliati, Sidik Mia and Eisenhower Mkaka.

Adding to that Mia’s wife, Citizen for Transformation (CFT) leader Timothy Mtambo, Zodiak’s Gospel Kazako and Roy Kachale Banda a son to former President Joyce Banda among others have seen their way into Chakwera’s cabinet.

In his remarks Wonderful Mkhutche has said the cabinet is there to reward those who worked hard in helping Tonse Alliance to win the June 23 fresh presidential elections.

Mkhutche said despite some being professionals of their positions, Dr Chakwera has appointed a cabinet contrary to people’s expectations and this will raise more questions amongst people.

“The new cabinet is a huge disappointment, far away from expectations as it has been assembled on the motivation of appeasement. Some are professionals in their portfolios, while most are not.

“This will depend on the leadership of Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima for them to deliver,” said Mkhutche.

He has further blamed Dr Chakwera for roping in the entire Mia family comprising of Abida, Sidik Mia, and a cousin Halima Daud claiming this will paint a bad image of the 11 days old president.

“This was unnecessary. It a sign of appeasement in its raw form. The disappointment from most people has come in because most expected that we will move away from such kind of appointment.

Social media commentator Onjezani Kenani described the cabinet as underwhelming since the appointments have been made based on Family ties.

“Frankly, this is an anticlimax to what we hoped could be a turn towards a better direction. Family ties, rather than merit, have dominated the appointment decision-making. This is underwhelming,”

Meanwhile the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has said it will engage president Chakwera on the matter for him to justify his decision.

Malawians on social media platforms continue criticizing the cabinet.

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