Peter Masamba summoned  former chief of State residents, Peter Mukhito over the infamous 4000Mt cement scandal.

Mutharika family expressed anger after seeing that all corruption stories that had been circulating on social media implicating the former President were done without his knowledge.

Mutharika family pinned Mukhito that had it been former President Mutharika imported 4000 Mt his house in Mangochi could have been finished by now.

The family is worried that most of the corruption activities that are circulating on social media are mentioning Mutharika as a main culprit when he did not do any corruption.

It is disturbing to find that most of the senior officials at State house have been using Mutharika’s name when swindling money from Indians and Chinese.

The summon came after realising that Mukhito was the one behind the importation of cement without former President Mutharika knowledge.

According to the immigration and MRA files it is shows that on the reported 4000 metric tons that is circulating on social media, former President only imported 1257 Metric ton and the rest was done by Mukhito.

During the meeting Tapiwa Mutharika, nephew to the former President expressed disappointments she didn’t expect that people who were entrusted to look the life of her uncle were busy taking advantage of his old age and his busy work to do dubious dealings using his name.

It was revealed that in the past six years Mukhito has been using President  Mutharika’s name when importing his cars, furniture and his business materials.

For every business that Mukhito was having with government he was importing his supplies without paying tax in the former President’s name.

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