By Robert Kumwenda

Musicians in the country say they are ready to work with government to do what is right in the industry.

This was said by Gloria Manong’a, President of Musicians Union of Malawi (Mum)  during the consultation meeting between Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Dr Michael Usi and the stakeholders on the Response to Covid-19 for the creative industry Wednesdy in Blantyre.

Manong’a said as the country is fighting Covid-19, musicians are failing to proceed because they are being sidelined and lacking support over the Covid -19 songs.

“We do not have the funds to support ourselves in our day to day lives as it is supposed to be. We also do not have the money to go in the studios to record songs about Covid -19 and we even do not have cash to pay for the Tv stations to play our songs,” she said.

She said they wrote a proposal to the ministry illustrating what they can do as musicians as the country and the World are grappling with the challenges and the effects of Covid-19 unfortunately it was not responded to.

“It could be better if government can consider allocating some funds for musicians in the national budget to support and improve their work,” she said.

Manong’a therefore asked the minister to engage them as musicians and artists to spread massages about Covid-19 in villages through songs.

“We can come up with songs in different languages to reach out to everyone as most of the people in the rural setting are not following Covid-19 precautionary measures set by government through the ministry of health.

She further said musicians wore a bad face as disorganized people and people who do not know what to do.

On his part Dr Michael usi agreed with Manong’a saying that musicians are really underrated and not supported.

He said the most important thing they must remember is looking at the value of what they make in the social economic development of the country.

Usi said government will look into on their complaints and is consulting with Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) to make creative industry as an economical issue.

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