People are responding to the “wedding photos” drama posted on Facebook by these youngsters

Young kids are a joy to watch, particularly when they are doing things together along with their fellow children.

They put a bit more effort into it, but they are still satisfied. Growing up as a child, I watched a handful of dramas and i’m Now grown up with my fellow kids and indeed the world is becoming rapidly a global village.

Nevertheless, there seem to be a lot of people reacting differently since wedding images of some kids sparked controversy.

If the photographs were taken before the photo shoot or after the drama is unknown.

The pictures were posted by a Facebook user under the name “Esther Chamberlain.” The children were seen demonstrating or posing as couples from shared pictures on a wedding day.

They were also seen pairing up in church, signing marriage certificates, dancing, and even eating as couples.

It’s good to see something like this, really. Since it’s really just a drama, they both look fine.

Will you be accepting that as your parent?

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