A Malawian national Wedson Lungu has died after being stabbed to with 10 knives in South Africa last night.

Lungu, who was hailing from Chisasa Village Traditional Authority (T/A) Kampingo Sibande in Mzimba was found  by the police in Pretoria.

According to reports, on this unlucky day, Lungu was at a bar drinking, he then left the drinking joint going to his home but he was seen back at the bar for a top up.

“Before I knew it. He had gone back to the liquor spot. He was there till around midnight. I was shocked and I decided to follow up on him. On my way, I found him in the midst of the policemen. He was flooding blood.” said Rosaline Jere a wife to Lungu.

She added; “He was a serious dipsomaniac. He could drink like fish. At this day, he went to the pub in the morning and came back late at night,” said Jere, the principal mourner.

Separate reports indicate that the deceased picked up a fight over some sex worker at the bar and this led to the other guy to hire a syndicate of thugs to kill him.

Others suggest that the guy might have met some thugs on his way home who killed him for seizure of his belongings.

Autopsy conducted revealed that the guy died of severe bleeding and internal injuries.

At the publication of this article, kindred of the departed man were still waiting for a police

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