A man has stabbed his wife to death in their Lagos residence after she bought a new car and refused to use his name in the documents.

According to the reports, the assailant (name withheld), carried out the dastardly act with the help of his 16-year-old nephew.

Trouble started when the woman, who owns a shop in Lagos, bought herself a new car and went ahead to fill the documents in her own name, which incensed her husband – who is reportedly jobless.
When he asked her why she didn’t use his name, the deceased said she  can’t use his name on the documents because he has not paid her bride price.
It was learnt that the couple were just leave-in lovers and have never legally tied the knot, despite being together for eight (8) years.
It was also learnt that since her lover had no job, she has been the one catering for the house and providing all his needs.
Reports gathered revealed that on the fateful day, the said husband and his nephew, locked her in immediately she came back from her shop and killed her.


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