By Saidi Winnes

The Political analyst Caesor Kondowe who is also the Director of Stream of Life Malawi has said that Malawi over years has lagged far behind because of political propaganda and political appeasement

Kondowe disclosed this yesterday during an exclusive interview with Face of Malawi as he was reviewing factors making Malawi stagnant on the same level in terms of development in light of agenda 2063

Kondowe articulated that Malawi leaders concentrate on personal benefits, instead of spearheading the vision

Kondowe spoke” Instead of our leaders spearheading the vision, at the end of the day, they concentrate on their goals for them to reclaim the presidency.This is the reason why Malawi is on the same level,same boat”

The political analyst went on to say that political appeasement is another factor that has made Malawi stagnant over years

” People that are ushered into various positions to support the proper implementation of this nation, are not those people with skills and passion to drive our nation.In most cases,there has been political appeasement, our leaders always choose people that are there to support them,that have been there to support them in their political willingness.That’s why we as a nation we’re failing to achieve our goals”

Kondowe further articulated that Malawi loves to develop good policies as well as good vision and lock them in the offices instead of putting those policies on the ground for implementation

The analyst has therefore challenged political parties that when they want to form their manifesto should be in line with the target Malawi has set that of Malawi’s vision 2063

Taking advantage of the interview Kondowe has advised Chakwera to allocate resources within the context of agenda 2063

Kondowe articulated” so blueprints of our nation is 2063 so the president should be on the forefront of making sure that, the allocation, the priority of his Government is within the context of 2063 vision.This is the way the Malawi can go”

Malawi leader Dr.Lazarus Chakwera on Tuesday 19th January,2021 launched Malawi’s vision 2063 under the theme” An Inclusively Wealthy and Self-reliant Nation”

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