Political commentator Happy Kayuni has said leadership wrangles that have erupted in the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are the results of lack of succession plan.

Kayuni made the remarks following recent announcement by DPP’s regional Governor for the Southern Region Charles Mchacha that he will contest as DPP’s president when the right time comes.

Mchacha made the revelation during an interview with one of the local media houses that he has shown interest to lead the party.

Mchacha’s decision to join DPP’s presidential race has raised eyebrows since few weeks ago he welcomed former Reserve Bank governor Dalitso Kabambe as the party’s presidential candidate.

Kondwani Nankhumwa, DPP’s vice president for the South who is also leader of opposition in the August House is one of the notable people vying for the DPP presidency.

The leadership wrangles erupted in the party aftermath of June 23, 2020 fresh presidential elections which saw DPP out of power, members within the party started baying for Peter Mutharika’s head as they demand him to leave as the party’s president.

It was later seen the party’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, Kondwani Nankhumwa and others being fired from the party for calling out a convention to replace Mutharika, it took the power of the courts to stop the order.

Kayuni further observed that whatever is happening in the former ruling party s lack of a clearly worked out succession plan.

According to Kayuni the DPP failed to groom someone within its ranks and files.

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