Police in Bangwe are keeping in custody two men and a lady on suspicion that they took part in the brutal murder of an unknown man suspected to be a robber.

The three have been identified as; Daniel Budala, Martin Bishop Piringu, and Nancy Ngulinga.

The incident took place on the night of January 31, 2021 at Mvula in Bangwe township.

According to preliminary findings, it is alleged that on the date in mention, the unidentified man wanted to hire a motorbike from Mvula trading centre in the area to Nguludi via Mpingwe short-cut road.

The motorbike operator got suspicious of him, thinking he wanted to rob him of his motorbike.

He then mobilised his friends who descended on him, badly assaulted him before setting him ablaze.

Bangwe detectives visited the scene, and took him to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Currently, the body is still at the hospital’s mortuary pending identification.

An immediate investigation which was instituted led to the apprehension of the three.

They have been charged with murder and will appear in court soon.

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