Colombian male model and influencer Yeferson Cossio recently shocked his millions of followers by showing off his new boobs, after undergoing a breast implant procedure as a challenge to himself.

Cossio, who has an impressive following on multiple social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, specializes in pranks and edgy content, but even his most loyal fans were surprised by his latest stunt. Last month, the young model announced that he had made an interesting bet with his brother-in-law, fellow influencer Jhoan López. He had to reach the 3 million follower mark on Instagram in a certain period of time, and if he lost, he had to get breast implants. If he made it, than López had to get silicone implants. In the end, both men got boob jobs.

“If I lose this bet I made with  @jhoan.lopezl, I have to get breast implants,” Yeferson Cossio wrote on Instagram. “Can you imagine me as an old man telling the story of how ‘I lost a bet and ended up with these enormous breast?’”

Well, the next time you ask yourself how far influencers will go for views and news subscribers, you’ll know that going under the knife is not a problem…

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