The Minibus Owners Association (MOAM) has announced a 10 percent increase in minibus fares from today.

This follows the increase in fuel prices which was effected on Tuesday.

MOAM’s General Secretary, Coxley Kamange, said the hike has been effected in order to stay in business because at the same time minibuses are carrying less people in order to adhere to the COVID-19 preventive guidelines.

As it is Petrol is now selling at 899 Kwacha per litre from 834.60 kwacha per litre representing 7.74 percent adjustment.

Diesel has moved from 826 kwacha per litre to 898 kwacha per litre representing 8.66 percent price increase whilst Paraffin is now being sold at 719 kwacha per litre from 613 kwacha per litre which represents 17.35 percent.

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