The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Presidential hopeful, Dr.  Dalitso Kabambe, says Lower Shire needs Members of Parliament who understand the Shire Valley Transformation Project which he says is a magic bullet for the socio-economic development of the people in the area.

Dr.  Kabambe was speaking yesterday at Bodza Primary School Ground   in Chikwawa East where he drummed up support for the DPP candidates for the forthcoming by-elections.

Dr.  Kabambe took advantage of the rally to tell the gathering how he says he helped the country through analysis of resource allocation to various development projects when he was a budget director and Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor.

The politician says the project which started during the DPP regime, would see perennial flooding in the Lower Shire contained, irrigation agriculture revitalized and a boost to the hydro-electric generation which would add to the national grid.

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