By Chisomo Phiri

In an effort to support the National Clean-up day which president Lazarus Chakwera launched last year,  CISE Malawi on Friday last week led a clean-up exercise by cleaning all the strategic places around Mchinji Boma.

According to National Clean-Up day, on the second Friday of every month between 2pm until 5pm Malawians in urban and rural areas are encouraged to go out and clean-up their local areas and keep them clean.

CISE Malawi in collaboration with over seven ( 7) youth led and serving organizations organized such a clean-up campaign  under the theme, ” A clean Environment: My right, my Responsibility”.

Speaking on the exercise, the CISE Malawi’s Executive Director  Margaret Sapezeka said as CISE they were so excited to see the initiative happening in the district saying this will help in making Mchinji Boma look Clean and attractive.

“We are so excited with this initiative. We have been implementing a project here in Mchinji called making Mchinji clean, green and beautiful for over five years, encouraging people to Clean-up their villages, business places etc so as to promote hygiene. It is great that now the same thing is happening across the country.  We need to protect our environment and as CISE we are looking forward to living in a clean and attractive Malawi”, Said Sapezeka.

Speaking after the exercise, the Mchinji District Commissioner ( DC ), Peter Jimusole appreciated the initiative by CISE Malawi saying this will help in promoting the hygiene in the district hence reducing the spread of diseases that come due to lack of hygiene.

“This is a very good Initiative. We hope that this will help to make our town look clean and beautiful thereby reducing the spread of some diseases that come due to lack of hygiene,” said Jimusole.

The National clean-up day was launched in December last year by the state president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera with an aim to make the urban and rural areas look clean and protect the environment.

When launching the initiative, Chakwera said “a clean environment is the part of new Malawi we are building, and each of us has responsibility to make that a reality”.

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