Minister of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation Eisenhower Mkaka has threatened to sue Manes Winnie Hale, popularly known as Manice Abiti William Dawood for claiming that the Minister pocketed about K0.3 billion in bribes from a Malawian business mogul of Indian origin to evade tax.

Dawood claimed that the businessperson has been smuggling containers of tyres on the pretext of importing party cloth and that Mkaka is implicated.

Writing on his official facebook page, Mkaka said he has instructed his lawyers to file a case against Manice over the alleged claims.

“I may have matewe but I have vowed to myself not to steal taxpayers money! I don’t know what wrong I did to this lady in America. She has gone overboard. I wonder what this obsession with me is all about!

“I have given instructions to my lawyers (and this is not a blank threat) for defamation and character assassination! Let her give evidence to court (she may as do so to ACB). I believe she has evidence I got K300 million from Mr Faizal of Mapeto,” wrote Mkaka.

Manice is yet to respond on the matter.

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