Dr. Dre is officially a single man as a judge in his divorce case is reportedly set to sign off on the couple “legally” ending their marriage.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, lawyers for the couple filed a “judgment” in the ongoing nasty divorce case after both parties agreed to sign off on the “status” of their divorce.

Dr. Dre reportedly filed legal documents asking the judge to “bifurcate” the status of their divorce, paving the way for him and Nicole Young to be single again.

However, the brutal divorce is long from over as there are still things to be settled.

The publication noted that the couple have not yet settled the financial part of their divorce case.

Legal documents obtained by The Blast revealed that Dre, 56, and Nicole, 51, agreed to legally end their marriage on April 15, but the financial issues that have caused them much disagreement are still ongoing.

They’re still trying to come to an agreement over their huge $800 million fortune, with Dre saying she shouldn’t get any of it and Nicole asking for half the money.

Nicole Young filed for divorce from the rapper after 24 years of marriage in June 2021. The splitting couple have two adult children together: son Truice and daughter Truly.

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