Director of Public Prosecution Dr. Steve Kayuni has refused to comment on the allegations that his office might have contributed to the passing of Israella Bushiri, daughter of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Kayuni was responding to a question he was asked that his office was responsible for denying Israella to travel to Kenya to receive medical treatment as claimed by her uncle during her funeral.

Late Israella Bushiri

In his response, Kayuni simply said he cannot “comment on that”

When asked if he can also confirmed that it is indeed his office that denied the late child to seek medical attention in Kenya, Kayuni still preferred not to comment.

There have been accusations from the Bushiris that there is an individual who is responsible for the passing of Israella because she was denied the right to seek medical attention sooner.

During the funeral ceremony of Israella, Bushiri had said it is not the government that denied Israella to go to Kenya but a certain individual but he was quick to say together with his family, the have forgiven him.

Bushiri and His wife said they have forgiven the person who denied their daughter to travel to Kenya.

According to Bushiri, doctors in Malawi and Kenya had assured them that of the child had received treatment early, the uncertainty that happened would have been prevented.

However, the matter has attracted mixed reactions as people are arguing that Kayuni and his office has nothing to do with the death of Israella as the will of God had prevailed on her.

Israella died at the age eight in Kenya after battling lung infections early this month

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