Malawians have accused well-known musician Patience Namadingo of being immature on how he reacted to the outcomes of a voting competition conducted by one of the online platforms in the country.

One of the online platforms asked Malawians to choose whose most talented between ‘Panado’ hit-maker and ‘Maplani’ hit maker.

After voting, Onesimus emerged victorious after amassing 1342 votes against 654 votes obtained by Namadingo.

The results angered Namadingo who said he is switching to Zambia permanently, accusing Malawians of holding hatred toward him and his music career.

Namadingo’s reaction has further angered Malawians who have accused him of being immature.

Grimm Elliotti wrote: “I’m not sure how Voting for Onesimus over you translates to hatred.

“Perhaps a little acceptance that the fan base is shared is key; we like other artists’ music just as much as we love yours and that’s not a bad thing. It’s not like you’re a Political party or Football team to have your fans be yours alone.

“We Love your talent, your financial Success is a different story altogether.

“Whining and appealing to Pity tendancies are cowardly, Accept that Fans are free to listen to and vote for whosoever pleases them, they don’t owe you anything.”

Concuring with Elliotti’s remarks Tabitha Mataula wrote: “If God is in your side who can be against you. Keep the fire burning. And don’t run away frm your fears gather courage and face them. And yes the more God blesses you the more humble u should be . That’s the spirit.”

On her part Migrace Lupiya Chisuse wrote: “Sometimes we need to accept the loss with positive mind, even Jesus was hated by some & Loved by some, does he always want to win?? he’s too pride, what about those who voted for him, can’t he appreciate them, he can go.”

Another fan identified as Mariah Bisenti wrote: “I used to love Dr Namadingo not until he show that he help only to be praised and not that he has that heart.adha awawa ngodzimva eeeeh.. anyway yendani bho.”

Meanwhile some Malawians have wished well Namadingo as he migrates to Zambia.

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