United Transformation Movement (UTM) Youth are baying for the blood of Bon Kalindo who is the party’s Director of Youth (DoY) over remarks he said against the party’s president Saulos Chilima during a stage play.

For the past weeks, there was a video circulating on social media in which Kalindo, through a play he was in attacked the Tonse Alliance led by President Lazarus Chakwera for failing to fulfill some of the promises made ahead of Court Sanctioned presidential fresh elections.

Chakwera and his vice Chilima made a number of promises luring Malawians to vote for them.

The duo that won the hearts of many Malawians promised  that each and every Malawian will have to eat three meals per day once voted into power.

Adding to that, the seemingly liberators also promised that in the first year of office, at least 1 million Malawians will be employed, but till now the promise is yet to be fulfilled.

Contrary to what they promised, prices of essential goods keep going up on a daily basis, prompting people to start loosing hope in the Tonse Alliance administration.

Kalindo, who goes by the name Winiko on stage, also expressed his disappointment in the Tonse Alliance administration as he is heard saying he is no longer interested in politics.

“Ine Zandale zimandinyasa Kwambiri moti nkazakumanaye Chilima nzamuuza kuti iwe bladifulu zako.

“Mumaziwa kuti andale akuti mudya katatu pasiku chomwe amachita iwo nkukweza mafuta nde mudya bwanji katatu pomwe mafuta akwera,” [Politicians promise to ensure that people have three meals per day but the same politicians later hike prices of cooking oil],” Winiko was quoted in the play while attracting ululations from the audience.

He added: “Moti anthu ayamba kuganiza zoti tingobwelera ku Aiguputo basi (People now feel it’s better to return to Egypt).”

Following the remarks by Kalindo, Youth belonging to UTM party in a statement seen by Faceofmalawi, signed by UTM youth Secretary General are demanding clarification from their DoY.

“We as youth, we respect Hon. Kalindo according to his position in the party but disrespecting our leader for no reason is uncalled for,”

The statement continued; “Our expectations was that he should be offering solid and wise leadership among the youth and steer the youth directorate for the good of the party. Instead he is the first person to start throwing stones to the leadership of the party.”

According to the statement the youth said they understand that in arts there are different types of jokes.

“We know in arts there are different aspects of jokes. there is a comedy and then there is satire. And ridicule your leader publicly without his consent is not comedy anymore but a satire,” read part of the statement.

Kalindo has therefore been asked to apologize to Chilima, to the party and to all UTM youth failing which, the youth have given Kalindo five days to resign adding that if that fails too “we shall take further action to ensure that the youth Directorate is head by the right person.”

Kalindo is yet to comment on the matter.

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