Dust is refusing to settle for President Lazarus Chakwera as he has been taken to task to explain why he took along with him 3 of his family members to London for an official visit.

On Sunday, Chakwera left the country for UK where he was attending an education summit with a delegation  of 10 out of them being his wife, First lady Monica Chakwera, his daughter Violet Chakwera and his son-in-law Sean Kampondeni.

Appearing on BBC’s Hard Talk, the Malawi leader was asked to explain why he decided to take his family members along with him to UK he said he did not include them but they are part of him adding that he did not invite himself to London.

“Everyone has a responsibility, like you mentioned, it is not that I have included them, they are part because I brought my wife, and I did not invite myself, by the way, to this conference. I have done conference in Malawi. Yes, it was an appeal to be present here personally even thought it’s a virtue conference,” Chakwera said.

When asked why he left behind Minister of Foreign Affairs and take his family along with him, Chakwera was quick to dismiss the question saying he brought Malawians along with him who are doing something along with him and are just valuable.

“I can tell you that each one of them has a specific function and for me to be able to attend meetings like these, I need their services,” he said.

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