There was drama at Gumbo village in the area of Senior Chief Kaomba in Kasungu this afternoon.

Grave diggers on Wednesday afternoon barred members of Vision of God church from entering the grave yard to conduct a burial ceremony of a villager for refusing to wear face masks.

The incident happened in Gumbo Village in the area of Senior Chief Kaomba in Kasungu.

Leader of the grave diggers , Jackson Masamba told the press that the way the pandemic is claiming lives in the area, they couldn’t risk their lives to entertain citizens who are defying government order on preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The church members were left outside the grave yard where they were singing hymes and choruses while the gravediggers buried the dead body , as ceremony restricted to only those who were in face masks.

While expressing disappointment, one of the senior leaders for the sect, Emanuel Kalenga told zodiak that they believe that only God can protect people from the pandemic not masks.

He says” everyone can die of any disease ” and their belief emphasises on preparation of the heart before death.

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