It is no longer a secret that the marriage of Paul Okoye the other half of P-Square and his wife of seven year Anita Okoye has hit the hard rock following the leaked court documents on the petition of divorce that hit the internet.

However, the rumors of divorce of the two started way back in April after Anita relocated to United States of America with the couples three children all in the name of furthering her education.

After the documents of their divorce hit online, a lot has been said regarding the main reason behind their split.

Citing other reasons for her decision to divorce Rudeboy as he is known in the music circles, Anita said that the music star ceased all forms of communication with her.

She also noted that they no longer share a conjugal relationship as husband and wife.

According to Anita in the petition, Paul denied her any form of companionship and love which are the integral components of all successful marriages.

She stated that there was a lack of spousal support that the music star shirked his responsibility as a husband by refusing to support and cater to her and her family members.

Recently it has been reported that the two got married because Paul was forced to take Anita om the isle because his twin brother Peter Okoye had already settled.

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