Going bald is a fear that follows millions of men and women around from their adolescence all the way through to the moment their once luscious locks start to fall out.

But a rapper is hoping to turn this perception around, though, after launching a festival to celebrate all the people out there who are either losing or who have lost their hair.

‘Bald Fest’ is the brain child of Rami Even-Esh and is set to be held in New York City on 13 September.

Speaking to the New York Post, Even-Esh, who goes professionally by the name Kosha Dillz, said it was a way of sticking two fingers up at the city’s celebrated fashion week.

The 40-year-old said: “Bald Fest is a celebration of owning your own fate. People who are losing hair, receding hair, bald, Alopecia, bald allies and bald-owned businesses.

Rami Matan Even-Esh is the person behind 'Bald Fest'. Credit: Instagram
Rami Matan Even-Esh is the person behind ‘Bald Fest’. Credit: Instagram

“It’s the opposite of fashion week. Bald fest will celebrate the things people don’t have – which is hair.”

Tickets for the event, which will be held at Brooklyn’s Rubulad Club, are priced at $18 and can be bought in advance, though people are welcome to turn up and pay on the day.

The line-up includes a whole range of entertainment and activities, with those planning on heading down being offered a hefty supply of Bic razors to keep them going.

Even-Esh added: “Everyone goes bald. It’s a good way to bring everyone together. Bald solidarity.”

Now, for good reason, going bald can be hard to accept.

But while you could fork out thousands on surgery or try and cover your skin up with a toupee or a wig, Steve Harvey says you’ve just got to let it go.

The comedian knows what it’s like to go bald, and speaking on his talk show Steve in 2019, he advised men to reach for the clippers when male pattern baldness comes calling.

“I noticed some stuff was happening to my hair, so I said instead of fighting it, I’m going to just come on and get with it. A lot of you don’t know when it’s time to come on and get with it.”

The Family Feud host went on to list a few handy tell-tale signs that it’s time to bite the bullet.

“If your barber starts charging you half price… it’s time for you to start thinking about letting it go,” he said.

“If you have been wearing a fitted hat for years, same hat, same size, all of a sudden it’s loose? Come on.”

He continued: “If you have a lot of hair on the side of your head, and when you take your baseball hat off, everybody in the room says ‘Woah’… Come on, partner… If your combover don’t go all the way over, then it’s over.”

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