Many Malawians have taken to social media to mourn well-known veteran right activist Rafiq Hajat who died last night.

Hajat is said to have succumbed to a heart attack as the family was planning to fly him to South Africa to receive further medical treatment.

Writing on his official facebook page controversial Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Dustain Mwaungulu described the death of Hajat as big brawl to activism in the country.

“Oh No. Rafiq Hajat, at least you should have told us. But that is a foolish thing to say. When reason is overcome, all you can say is folly.

“ shocked and very devastated. You were a great addition to my intellect as a critique and admirer.

“Pasi apa pamanka anthu osalafe kukhala zitselekwete,” wrote Mwaungulu.

Concurring with Mwaungulu’s remarks Malawi Human Right Commission (MHRC) Executive Secretary Habiba Osman said: “I started activism in my early 20s admiring folks like him.”

“I learnt a lot from this great human rights defender. We debated on issues of governance and human rights! He helped to shape some of the human rights narrative, we have today, in this country. We will miss his patriotism, human rights defending and wisdom to stand up and speak out.”

On his part social commentator Onjezan Kenani said he is deeply saddened with the passing of hajat.

“Shocked to hear news of Rafiq Hajat’s passing. For decades he fought fearlessly for the rights of marginalized Malawians. His voice was steady and unwavering. His departure leaves a vacuum and is a blow to activism. Rest in peace, Mr. Hajat. From Allah we come, and to Him alone we shall return,” wrote Kenani.

Meanwhile funeral details are still sketchy at the moment.

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