A loving woman chose to celebrate her husband on his birthday in an epic way, punctuating his 33rd birthday with a pleasant gift.

The lady allegedly surprised her spouse with about K7.3 million in cash, in 100 dollar denominations, neatly packed inside his birthday cake.

In a viral video that has rocked the internet worldwide, the man is seen seated with the cake in front of him, and as he blows out the candles, he is told to pull out the little stick.

“Okay now you are going to pull out the happy birthday sign,” his wife is heard instructing him.

As he started pulling it out, it came out with 100 dollar notes safely put in sealed cellophane.

The man continued pulling it out for some minutes as the excitement in the atmosphere grew and family members watched in amazement.

“Wait what? What is this? What is this baby? Where did you get these? Thank you so much baby,” the overjoyed man is heard saying.

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