Legendary RnB musician Lulu, real name Lawrence Khwisa has responded to people criticizing the production of his recent single Ndileke saying all he need is money not advice.

Lulu’s response follows a write up by Lawyer and music enthusiast Tamando Lama Chokotho who expressed his dissatisfaction with the production of Lulu’s recent single Ndileke and later suggested that the Iconic singer needs a producer.

For ages, Lulu is well known of producing his own songs under Mathumela records.

Much as Chokotho appreciated the effort Lulu puts in his work, he says something is not right and rushed to blame the one who did the production of the song.

“When I learnt today that Lulu has released a new piece, I immediately searched for it while I worked and I listened to it…again and again. Something kept nagging me that whoever is producing him isn’t completely doing his songs justice when it dawned on me that he is likely producing his own music,” writes Chokotho.

According to Chokotho, everything about the song starting from the instruments and harmonies have betrayed the singer.

Without holding words back, Chokotho said that Lulu cannot really go far by being his own producer.

“The honest and brutal truth that Lulu has to accept is that he can’t really go far being his own producer. There’s something missing in his music that a second and trained ear will help improve his music. If the song Ndileke were given to a professional bassist, the probably he could have done better,” Chokotho said.

Responding on the matter Lulu said all he need is money and not the advice or the producer.

“I need money not that,” Lulu said.

He further questioned; “If I can have K70 million, yopu think I can sit behind a laptop and play with software’s?”

He therefore asked people who were attacking him in the comments to first give him money and see what he can do.

“I need money not advice, I have done music for years and you are advising me in September 2021 for what?” he asked.

Lulu’s Ndileke song is available on www.malawi-music.com  for streams and downloads.

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