One of the country’s leading network providers Airtel Malawi has said it is not agreeing with the decision by the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFT) relating to its Khethekhethe bonus.

Yesterday, The CFT found Airtel Malawi guilty of engaging in unconscionable conduct on   rewarding of its ‘Khethekhethe’ bonus between 2018 and 2021.

But in a statement signed by Airtel’s Managing Director Charles Kamoto, said the Airtel is not agreeing with the decision and at the same time denying the charges leveled against them.

“The company denies the charges leveled against it before CFT and does not agree with the consequent decision,” said Kamoto.

The statement further said that the company is pursuing the matter in court.

According to Kamoto, Airtel fully complies with relevant applicable laws and has not committed any unfair trading practice or provide any misleading, false or deceptive information or made any false representation to the public.

“We wish to retaliate our commitment to conducting business within the applicable legal and regulatory framework and continue to deliver reliable and value adding services,” said Kamoto.

CFT is yet to comment on the response by Airtel.

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