Malawians on social media have expressed their disappointment with presidential photographer Ras Peter Kansengwa over a picture he took of South Africa’s songstress Makhadzi at Sand Music Festival in Mangochi.

Ras Kansengwa who is a well-known shutterbug in the country was the official photographer at the Sand Music Festival which took place at Nkopola lodge.

The snapper who gained much respect in 2019 when Malawians went to the streets to protest against the then regime through his fabulous pictures lost the deference after he took inappropriate picture of a 25 year old South African Singer, Makhadzi, duped African Queen.

Ras Kansengwa, took a picture of Makhadzi while in the act of giving out her very best, which exposed some inner parts of her not worth for public consumption.

The picture, attracted public sympathy after Makhadzi shared it and apologized for being herself.

One social media commentator, LordDenning QB suggested that Ras Kansenga should be banned from taiking pictures at Snad Music Festioval even if he apologizes.

“The solution is simple and straight forward: Ban RAS Kansengwa from subsequent Sand Festivals even if he apologizes. The negativity that is rampant in our domestic affairs has been taken too far. It ought to be deterred,” said LordDenning QB.

Steven Munharo said that the much respected shutterbug has zero ethics.

Ras Peter Kansengwa has embarrassed not only those who went to this year’s Sand Music Festival in Mangochi but also any well-wishing Malawian. I don’t know if it’s weed that made him do what he did but publishing a photo of that nature is soooo heartbreaking to us who used to admire him as a professional photographer. I mean a whole Ras Kansengwa (who at times captures State functions) capturing and sharing that sensitive photo of Makhadzi? What for?” Robin Intercessor Pemba said.

He therefore called for Ras Kansengwa to issue an apology to Makhadzi and her fans not forgetting the general public for the embarrassment he has caused.

Face of Malawi has since seen a WhatsApp status purportedly from Ras Kansengwa admitting that he took the picture and adding that it has since gone viral.

Currently it is not known if Ras Kansengwa will issue an apology or not.

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