Believers Gospel Embassy International has attacked critics of its founder Prophet Austin Liabunya, describing the attacks as the work of the antichrists.

Recently Prophet Liabunya has been subjected to heavy criticism on social media regarding his way of living.

But this has not gone down well with his church, forcing it to issue a statement backing Prophet Liabunya.

“We would like to notify the general public that we are deeply concerned with the negative comments and insults that are thrown towards our leader, Senior Prophet Austin Liabunya in the comments section and all other social media platforms.

“We, may not entirely know the motives behind the insults but we understand that it is the work of antichrists. We know, for sure that the devil is not happy with how the Prophet is being used to manifest love, healing and salvation by God,” reads in part the statement.

Added the statement: “This malpractice has forced us to start eliminating all the profiles with negativity. We don’t hate them, but we are avoiding them from contaminating those who are chosen.

“This press statement sets as a warning to those who misconduct themselves here, “we will block you!”

The statement has further fueled anger among Malawians with many asking the Prophet to block them on his facebook page.

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