If your spouse starts to flirt, there are some things he or she will do and that is what we will be highlighting in this article.

If you see one of these things in your wife, that means she is hot on you. Below are 3 signs that your wife is burning you;

1. Frequently Asking About Your Schedule

Many women inquire about their husbands’ daily trips to perform miracles, giving a colleague time or travel dates.

But if she suddenly becomes more interested in her husband’s plan, and wants to know more when he leaves and returns home, she may be planning to have another young man visit regularly.

2. She Lost Interest In Rоmаnсe

No matter how good it was to be loved, she would lose interest if she fell in love with another man.

She will start асt praying and stay away recently; finding excuses for not having time close to you.

3. She Stay Lost In Thoughts

Women are known for being vigilant with a keen sense of humor.

They are very supportive of the relationship but if she is not yet focused on what her husband is saying, that means something or someone else is sitting on their minds.

In fact, she may at times be completely lost in thought and may even lose sight of the truth. When she is hot, she will think of ways to back down again, he may be disturbed.

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