Social Commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele Calls For Mass Demonstrations Against Ashok Nair


Outspoken social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele is calling for mass demonstrations against Zunneth Sattar’s business associate Ashok Kumar Sreedharan also known as Ashok Nair.

Chisa Mbele made the call through his Facebook page in reaction to his move to sue the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma for alleged defamation.

Yesterday, the judiciary  confirmed that Ashok had sued Chizuma in relation to the leaked audio clip which went viral last month in which Chixuma was purportedly discussing work related issues with unknown individual. and he is demanding damages from Chizuma.

Reacting to the matter Chisa Mbele said Ashok deserves a strong response from all Malawians who are fed up with impunity, arrogance and sense of unfounded supremacy.

According to Chisa Mbele Ashok is not only looking down on the ACB boss but to all Malawians.

“Munthu uyu sakudelera Martha Chizuma alone but he is insulting our decency as Malawians. He is acting omnipotence. He is acting our God. He is taking our color of the skin, our short hair and economic status as subhumans and scums of the earth,” said Chisa Mbele.

In his own words Chisa Mbele said Ashok is seeing Malawians as idiots who can’t see, read and understand issues.

He the proposed that Malawians should mobilize mass demonstrations to Ashok’s residence where he stays with his superior family.

He added that if there is someone trailing behind him, it should also be indirect message that Malawians can reclaim their dignity, nativity and sense of pride and superiority.

“This country is ours. This government is ours. These laws are ours. The resources being plundered are ours. Whatever is in this country belongs to us and our children. Tisalore Munthu kutitengera ku ntoso,” he said.

Chizuma is facing three criminal cases.

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