Bizarre; Man Narrates How He Dated A Dead Woman For Four Years And Impregnated Her (Screenshots)


A South African man has taken to social media narrating how he fell in love with a dead woman reaching to the point of having a child together who will turn two years old this year.

A Twitter user @Pruto explained that for all the four years he had been dating the lady he never met her parents until he got her pregnant.

According to him, that’s when he asked her to go to her parent’s home to pay for damages and dowry, the lady agreed.

But after they arrived and explained to them of his motives, he was surprised to see them crying as they tell him that their daughter had died six years ago.

In disbelief, the man asked the parents to show him her grave site which they did, according to him he found a jacket he bought for her hanging on the tombstone.

The child he has with the dead lady is expected to turn two years this year.

More on the screenshots below.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says '091% 10:30 Thread Pluto @Pluto_GP_ I dated a girl for 4 years, she fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby, bare in mind I've never met her family before. So we decided to take it to the next level, pay damages first and lobola, she took me to her parents place, when we got there introduced.. Keabetswe o jewa ke eng @akreana_ 05 Jan 19 10:24 PM 14 Aug 20 Twitter for Android 2,828 Retweets and comments 3,571 Likes ↑7 Tweet your reply'

May be a Twitter screenshot of 4 people and text

May be a Twitter screenshot of 3 people and text

May be a Twitter screenshot of 3 people and text

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