A dramatic scene was witnessed during the Patanisho morning show of Radio Jambo after a man was rejected by his ex-wife on live air.

The man identified as Patrick called in and asked Gidi and Ghost, the hosts of the morning show, to be reconciled with his wife Lilian who left him in 2019.

Patrick admitted that his wife left him after he went through his wife’s phone and found that she was chatting with other men that he suspected to be her lovers.

When the hosts called Lilian, she said that the conversation she was having that her husband found were with her clients. She clarified that she was not cheating on her husband.

Patrick pleaded for forgiveness and asked Lilian to return to him promising that he will never repeat the mistake. Lilian however refused to give in to Patrick’s plea that she had moved on and was already married.

She further told Patrick to look for another woman to marry and to seize his habit of checking his partners phone.

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