Councilor for Blantyre City Soche East ward Leonard Chimbanga has attacked Member of Parliament for Blantyre Mangochi North Constituency Benedicto Chambo for condemning actions by some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MPs for blocking Lilongwe-Salima Water project.

During a development rally at Mangochi-Makanjira presided over by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, DPP MP benedicto Chambo attacked his own party for blocking the Lilongwe-Salima Water project awarded to Khato-Civils.

He blasted the opposition DPP for blocking the water project, saying the move is unpatriotic.

But reacting to the development, Councillor Chimbanga blasted Chambo for his utterances.

Below is an open letter to MP Chambo from Councillor Chimbanga;

Dear Honorable Chambo,

I am writing this open letter to express my deep dismay and disappointment at the mediocrity displayed in your recent utterances in Mangochi -Makanjira in front of President Chakwera concerning the DPP and the Salima Lilongwe Water Project. It is indeed unfortunate for a DPP member of parliament to fail to understand matters that are brought into parliament and make misleading statements.

Firstly, allow me to correct your erroneous statement regarding the Lilongwe Salima Water Project. Contrary to your claims, it was actually awarded during the tenure of the DPP. It is disheartening to witness your deliberate choice of ignorance over facts, falsely attributing the project to President Chakwera. This raises questions about your wisdom and understanding of the projects and policies you are supposed to represent.

Furthermore, you mentioned the DPP’s decision to fund an injunction against the project. It is only fair and honorable for you to provide the country with evidence and substantiate the allegations you have made, which tarnish the integrity of the DPP and FND. You have claimed that there was funding involved, and it is crucial for you to present the necessary proof. I must emphasize that the matter is already in court, and instead of jumping to conclusions and labeling such actions as unpatriotic, it would be more prudent for you to respect the legal process and allow it to unfold. Your choice to dismiss the legal proceedings as unpatriotic raises questions about your understanding and respect for the judicial system.

Regrettably, your behavior in this matter does not surprise me, considering the caliber of people like yourself who are supposed to represent the best interests of the nation. It is disheartening to witness such ignorance and lack of thoroughness in your approach to parliamentary matters. This is further exemplified by the fact that the loan authorization bill took an unnecessary amount of time to be passed in parliament.

In conclusion, I urge you to take this open letter as an opportunity to reflect on your actions and the impact they have on the public’s perception of the DPP and your role as a member of parliament. It is crucial for our elected officials to exhibit a high level of understanding, integrity, and accountability in their duties and public statements. I hope that you will address these concerns comprehensively and provide the necessary clarifications to restore faith in your representation and the DPP as a political entity.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard Chimbanga

Democratic Progressive Party Senior Member.


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