Councillor Blantyre City Soche East Ward Leonard Chimbanga has accused President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of having sleepless night over the recent rally organized by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which was graced by former President Peter Mutharika.

Chimbanga’s accusation follows Chakwera’s utterance at Kumuzu Day at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre where he said the Tonse Alliance government will continue ruling country after the 2025 polls.

Writing on his official facebook page Chimbanga urged not to be distracted by the surge in popularity of his Predecessor.

“One can easily tell that the servant Leader has had sleepless nights ever since his Predecessor held a mega rally at Njamba in Blantyre last week.

“The President travelled all the way to Blantyre and hijacked what was supposed to be a memorial day celebrations for Kamuzu and turned it into a political rally just to respond to his predecessor’s sentiments that he would run again, would win and turn the economy around within 2 years,” wrote Chimbanga.

He added: “This affected the Southern Alabama trained President who is losing sleep over the the former President’s popularity, he went on to issue a thinly veiled threat that he would say damaging things about his opponent something he doesn’t want to do, if they continue spreading lies. Today 48 hours later he was at it again in the capital city”Mundiyankhulitsa pambali” something strange coming from someone who has spent most of his adult life doing God’s work. Malawi is a democracy anyone can run for office if they meet the criteria.

“It is important to acknowledge that goodwill is a perishable commodity, and while he was very popular when he came to power there’s been a noticeable shift in public sentiment.”

“The economy has suffered, and it appears that his efforts are predominantly lip service, lacking substance and sensitivity to the population’s needs. The soaring cost of living only exacerbates his fears.”

Chimbanga said Chakwera’s attack on Mutharika is counterproductive.

“Continually attacking his opponent who has declared interest in the high office is counterproductive. People are not interested in hearing about his grievances with the former President or any attempts to tarnish the former President image who is now likely to face him at the ballot.

“The recent focus on his predecessor’s popularity surge may stem from concerns about his own leadership or political strategy. However, rather than getting distracted by such matters, it’s crucial for him to concentrate on fulfilling his promises and demonstrating his capabilities through action. Let the works of your hands speak for you Mr President,” he added.

Effort to talk to MCP spokesperson on the matter proved futile.

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